Tuesday, April 5, 2011

lucky i'm in love with my best friend, lucky to have been where i have been, lucky to be coming home again

Most of my free time lately is spent researching gluten and dairy free lifestyles. And it made me come up with a brilliant idea.

I'm going to open a gluten and dairy free bakery.

As most people know, I've wanted a bakery for a long time. And now I know exactly what I want to do with it. I just need to start baking.

When you are living a gluten and dairy free lifestyle it is extremely difficult to find even the most basic of grocery items. I'm also surprised that I find so many gluten free items but they contain dairy. One thing I've learned is that most gluten intolerant individuals or those with Celiac disease are also intolerant to lactose or even allergic to milk (casein). So I'm going to have a bakery that covers the basics (breads, sweets, etc.). Of course I can't resist yummy items, but I want to help people stock their pantry's without worry. Honestly, shopping in a grocery store has become a nightmare. Not only because practically everything has either gluten or dairy in it but also because there are also so many additives and preservatives in food.

Currently I'm buying frozen bread. Gluten free breads usually contain one preservative (as a mold inhibitor) and so they must be frozen to keep it fresh. After being frozen the bread tastes gross when thawed, and is only good toasted. This is why I'm making my own. I'm buying ingredients in bulk and going to be able to make up to 50 loaves of bread in 6 months and saving hundreds of dollars by doing so (thank you Matt for doing the math). My mother is lending me her bread maker, which is a life saver considering I only have a hand mixer. Maybe I'll win that Kitchenaid....

I'm so excited to start baking and moving into the new apartment is all part of that. But whats even more exciting is the future that lies ahead....I've been dreaming of the Colorado Rockies :)

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