Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dark Chocolate Cupcakes!

Look at these cupcakes. Have you ever seen a gluten free cupcake look so moist? And there is NO xanathan or guar gum. Yup. I'm amazing. These cupcakes are to die for. Yeah, the frosting did not turn out like I wanted, kinda turned into a strange ganache. It tasted delicious, just didn't look like I wanted. However, the texture and taste of this cupcake is beyond amazing.

I don't think I can share this recipe. Sorry. I plan on opening my own bakery in the near future and I can't have this AMAZING recipe stolen by any others. Just know they are delicious and one day you will want to come visit Pink Frosting to try one.

Check back tomorrow for a gluten free dog cake! Baby Summer is turning one!

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Msimon88 said...

They were so delicious and I'm not even a huge fan of chocolate!