Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Take a look at our little girl's nursery!


We needed to keep the guest bed in the nursery for two reasons. One, we had no where else to put it and two, we still wanted a place for guests to stay if needed. We have a pack and play to use in our room if we do have someone come and stay.

I didn't really have a theme for the room, just a color scheme that I wanted to try to stick to. I wanted to incorporate horses and owls without it being too "horsey".

Most importantly I wanted the room to be comfortable and inviting. We have a small house and this room has rarely been used until recently. I'm excited to spend more time in here! It was such a blast putting this room together and my husband often comments that it's the best room in the house.


Anonymous said...

How did you make the bookshelves? And what will you use the bins below them for?

Sarah Loves to Bake said...

We followed this tutorial here and just added the lip on front.

The bins will currently be used as laundry bins but I plan to use them for toy storage in the future.