Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's a GIRL!

Yesterday we finally found out the gender of this baby and it's a GIRL! Honestly we were a bit shocked, we really thought it might be a boy. It was a bit scary as I realized that now we have to name her and both Matt and I questioned whether or not we picked the right name. But after dropping Matt off at the mall I went to Babies R Us and one of the employees asked who I was shopping for. After she got over the shock that I was five months pregnant she asked if we knew the gender and name. It was the first time I said the name out loud to someone besides Matt. From that moment I have been extremely excited to welcome Tilly Elizabeth into this world.

Yesterday was wonderful and I thank everyone for their congratulations and their warm wishes. There is something very peaceful about knowing the gender and being able to call her by her name. I already grabbed letters for Tilly to paint and put above her crib. I'm really excited to get started on her nursery art and curtains. I looked for some ideas at Babies R Us and I fell in love with these owl sheets but not the whole color palette. I like the blue but maybe with gray and light pink? I'm not sure yet.

I also had to get this gem while shopping at Kohls.

Sorry Matt I know you would have loved a boy but at least you get to be surrounded by beautiful women :)

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