Friday, March 14, 2014

Menu Planning

So one of my goals with keeping up with my blog is to take more pictures. These posts may be a little light on the photos until I get better at that. I also don't have a great camera for indoor photos so they will mostly be from my phone. I would LOVE to get a DSLR camera before this baby comes. If anyone sees a good deal on one let me know! Especially if it take decent video :)

P.S. This child has been doing acrobatics in my belly all week! I guess the little one is enjoying all the room it has for the moment.

Currently I use Pinterest to find meals. I have been doing a lot of re-arranging on there in an attempt to organize my boards and pins. It's still a bit of a mess but I'm slowly getting it under control! Pinterest has been a huge help as it helped me organize my thoughts for my wedding, recipes I wanted to make gluten free, and now coming up with nursery ideas.

Here was last weeks meals:


Salmon, Butternut Squash, and Cucumber Dill Salad - I forgot to take the picture until after I started eating! I discovered this cucumber dill salad when Matt and I first got married and we both love it. It's so good with Salmon. And thanks to Matt's mother I am now addicted to Butternut Squash! I never knew how awesome it was so thank you!


Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken - The salad was delicious (I used the Pioneer Woman's recipe for the dressing) but the chicken was bland. I wasn't sure how to season it for the salad.


Copycat Chick-Fil-A Nuggets and Mac and Cheese - These nuggets were AMAZING! Again I ate half my meal before taking a photo because it was so yummy! I found the recipe on Pinterest and was super happy with how easy they were. They also worked well for being gluten free. YAY! The mac and cheese is the Pioneer Woman's recipe that I just sub gluten free flour and add a tablespoon or two of Tapioca to thicken the sauce. 


Leftover Day


PIZZA DAY! - I made pizza dough from scratch (Pamela's bread mix recipe for pizza crust) and made one thin and one thick crust pizza. I was craving a veggie pizza so I used tomato, bell pepper, olives, mushroom, and onion. I also make my own pizza sauce from scratch that is delicious!

Also last week I made a coffee station on a book shelf that previously housed our DVD's. It turned out better than I expected and made more room on our kitchen counter. However, putting the chevron fabric up was a HUGE pain. The back of the bookshelf is thick cardboard that is stapled to the edges. So I pulled out all the staples until I got to where the shelf was going to be. Then I cut the fabric to size and re-inserted the staples through the fabric to hold it in place. I think maybe some paper glued on would be better next time? 

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